Heating oil tanks often contain a certain level of water that accumulates over time from condensation. When water mixes with today’s modern bio-diesel, it can promote the growth of microbes which live in the interface, consume fuel and leave a sticky residue. This residue can regularly block filters and cause heating to fail. Our domestic oil tank maintenance services can help to protect against heating failure through water and microbe contamination in a number of ways:

Option 1 – Water Removal

By simply pumping the water content from the tank bottom, thus ensuring that the oil level drops below the outlet.

Option 2 – Domestic Oil Tank Cleaning

By pumping the liquid contents from the tank into temporary IBC’s to allow the interface to form. An internal clean of the tank, followed by the returning of any clean oil from above the oil/water interface.

Option 3 – Domestic Oil Tank Cleaning with Fuel Polishing

As with option 2, but with the inclusion of passing your remaining oil through our mobile centrifuge to ensure it is perfectly clean before returning it to your tank. This would only really be used in extreme cases.

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